Corporate Profile.

Company Name TOSOCIO CO., LTD
Head Office 3-36-7, Oshima, Kawasaki-ku Kawasaki-shi,Kanagawa,210-0834, Japan
Shinagawa Office 9th Floor, Nissin Bld.,1-8-27, Konan , Minato-ku,Tokyo, 108-0075, Japan
Establishment April 1st, 2010
Capital 10,000,000yen
Business Sales of construction materialsSales of clothing and daily necessities miscellaneous goodsSale and rental of computer equipmentProduction and management of web siteProduction and sales of upholstery
Employees 9
Main Bank Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.

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About Privacy.

Since the Personal Information Protection Law was enacted, there is a growing interest in information protection of companies and private individuals.
Also from the point of view of corporate social responsibility (CSR), it has a growing importance for the protection of personal information.
We have entrusted a variety of information from the customer. In order to protect the personal information of this valued customer to the appropriate and thorough handling of personal information in-house, we acquired the Privacy Mark on October 27, 2014 to handle personal information properly.

Privacy mark system is a business certification system for the protection of personal information that is affiliated organization of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry JIPDEC have done from 1998.The followings are registered trademark which JIPDEC owns.Privacymark、PrivacyMark、Privacy Mark、 Privacy Mark System、PrivacyMark System、Privacymark System